4/7/14 Response

After reading chapters 12 and 13 in Salamon and the SSI review article, I find myself questioning the success of nonprofits. It seems that, today, many nonprofits are finding a lack of success due to government control or the lack of need. I find it to be the opposite. Today, there seem to be more nonprofit organizations than ever, and many successful ones. There is always and will always be a need for nonprofits, at least until the government suddenly takes on any and all issues and is able to resolve them itself (yeah, right). However, the main principle I found most interesting was the idea that nonprofits are only successful if they all members have a common goal instead of separate, individual goals. This is both true and untrue. It is good and beneficial to have individual goals, because if they are related to the issue at hand, these goals and intentions may be brought up at different times. However, individual goals may distract from the common or main goal, and prevent the organization from having success. There needs to be an attainable goal set in an attainable time, and with an attainable amount of support. The support needs to come from anyone and everyone, and these nonprofits need to be able to appeal to the general public. In the SSI article, the authors discuss how certain nonprofits “develope shared performance indicators, discuss their progress, and most important, learn from each other and align their efforts to support each other.” The key to a successful organization is a devoted and successful group of people to support and run it. Without this, the organization can not maintain itself or stay afloat, or support anyone for that matter. 


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