3/31 Warren Buffet & Co.

Warren Buffet has done well on his commitment to donating his fortune to charities, some of which are the organizations he founded for his children to run. The articles read are particularly interesting because each makes an argument of what philanthropy is and means to the individual and to the world, The most interesting argument on philanthropy is the one constructed by Peter Buffett. Mr. Buffett calls philanthropy a “crisis of imagination,” and he is not wrong. I also agree that it is a “perpetual poverty machine.” While philanthropy should not come to an end, there is no doubt that the “system” could use some help. The word “philanthropy” is often associated with celebrities and those of high social status and wealth. It is not impossible for someone of middle or low class to afford to be “charitable,” but it is obviously much easier for someone with so much to give back a little. However, it is not uncommon to hear of celebrities or people of wealth using their wealth to do philanthropic things, but whether it is for good and for status it can sometimes be hard to tell. Mr. Buffett also makes the point that at philanthropic events and meetings, there are often people sitting in the room who are helping while others in the room are assisting in creating other problems. The goal of philanthropy and charitable work should not be to place a bandage on the problem, but to find the source of the problem and eliminate it so the wound can properly heal instead of covering it up in the meantime. Philanthropy has grown relative to business and government, despite Phil Buchanan’s disagreements. While there is still good being done, as anything involving money, the business of philanthropy has become a way for people to claim and flaunt status and also created opportunity for business outside of the organization(s). 


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