Funding Draft

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to restore music education programs in public schools and promote the positive impact music education has on students. The initiative donates $30,000 worth of musical instruments and equipment per recipient to schools across the country each year. Potential recipients must apply through the website, and then are invited to submit another application to be viewed by the board and partner organizations. Because the organization is a foundation itself, they are the ones actually donating the equipment. However, in order to raise their funds, they receive monetary funding from a number of sources, the first being the parent network, VH1. Secondly, private donations are given by private donors (individuals) and partner organizations. These partner organizations also serve on the foundation’s board, and assist the foundation in making final decisions as to where donations and funding should go. The school’s must agree to hire a certified professional in the music field as a teacher and must agree to continue funding the program for years to come. Additionally, organizations, companies, and individuals can choose to sponsor a program, through social media exposure and other means. Organizations can “align ‘their’ brand with an internationally known and respected pro-social cause through turnkey music-based fundraising programs that help to improve public school music education opportunities for children across the country.” Sponsors may also choose to sponsor a special Piano Grant as part of a national KEYS+KIDS pilot community impact program.


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Hi all, I'm Gabi, a twenty-year old Drew University student from New Jersey. I like rock, animals, writing, cooking, and traveling. I'm a self-proclaimed foodie and a lover of Poe. Get to know me through my posts, and feel free to leave some love.

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