Ross & Thomas Chapter 5

As Ross and Thomas describe, when choosing to work with a nonprofit organization it is extremely important to read and analyze the organization’s mission statement. The authors describe how to analyze one and I find that their methods are much like my own. When I research an organization, the first thing I look at is their mission statement. I make sure that the statement includes words or synonyms of words that I hold as values or as important in some way. I usually avoid politically affiliated organizations, however I am willing to work with government agencies. While mission statements are important and crucial to the introduction of an organization, I find that I cannot merely look at a mission statement or two when deciding who to work with. I usually navigate the website and try to find a current or former volunteer or employee that is willing to share their experience with me and to hear about their own values. I tend to navigate towards organizations and companies that employ people with similar tastes and personalities to my own. 

When working as an employee or volunteer of any type of organization, I know that I work best with a mentor or employer that has similar goals and interests. I enjoy working with those that can teach me something and those that I can also teach, so I try to gain a mutual empathy with my employer or mentor. I also try to connect to my fellow volunteers and employees, and especially the community that I am serving. These are all suggestions of Ross and Thomas that are important for anyone, volunteer or employee.


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Hi all, I'm Gabi, a twenty-year old Drew University student from New Jersey. I like rock, animals, writing, cooking, and traveling. I'm a self-proclaimed foodie and a lover of Poe. Get to know me through my posts, and feel free to leave some love.

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