“Welcome Judy Grey” Assignment

After exploring the three websites for SURDNA, the Community Foundation of New Jersey, and the Geraldine R. Dodge foundation, we can come to the conclusion that the three offer grants and support to nonprofit organizations as each of their mission is to create a more sustainable world. This includes a more sustainable nonprofit sector.

The Geraldine R. Dodge foundation, for example, is particularly passionate about funding innovative Arts, Education, Environment, and Media initiatives. The GRD foundation is New Jersey based and meant for NJ organizations, and is very local to our community partners. This would be a great place to start looking for grants as the organizations may directly affect the area of the GRD foundation.

CFNJ would be attractive to our partners because as small, New Jersey based nonprofit organizations, it may be more difficult to receive funding from national organizations, whereas CFNJ is meant for organizations found in New Jersey. This “home base” of sorts may be a good place to start looking for grants, or looking for other local organizations that offer grants.

The Surdna Foundation is a large foundation based in New York, close to home but possibly too large for a fledgling organization. The website mentions that they sponsor organizations in larger cities, and small organizations in small towns may have a chance for a grant (and possibly a large one), but competing with larger organizations may provide a problem.

Each of these organizations have their pros and cons, but our partners may find more difficulty with a larger one. There’s no harm in trying for a grant, but there may be more hoops to jump through and different processes for each. Each foundation is looking to fund sustainable organizations, environmentally friendly organizations, and arts/media related organizations, so all of our community partners would do well partnering with any of these foundations.


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