Writing for Real: Page 37, Question 4: What do you expect of your relationship with your agency mentor?

Working with various non-profit organizations in the past, this will not be the first time I have had an agency mentor. From my past experiences, I am aware of what I prefer to see in a mentor over certain other details, but every mentor is different and I am looking forward to see what this mentor has to offer, and what I have to offer them. The mentor/student relationship truly is a two way street; one cannot do their job without the other. I cannot learn about the organization and expectations without the mentor teaching me, and the mentor will have less hands without me. 

I expect and would prefer that my relationship with my mentor develop over time; I want our relationship to progress and for us to rely on each other within reason. I hope that we can teach each other more about the organization and the non-profit world, and that we will have reasonable expectations (as far as work) of each other, as one is most likely a full time employee of the organization and I am a full time student. I have had mentors that have taught me a great deal about their organization and I would like that to be the case in this project as well as those projects were all successful and I was able to carry the knowledge I gained working with them and keep it for future use. 

However, I have also had not so positive experiences with mentors that did not teach or had high expectations; for example, I was expected to do things that were not in my volunteer/job description, such as pick up organization employees and cart them around for supplies they needed or to use my personal money for the project. I found these situations unacceptable and demeaning, and I wish to be treated as a member of the organization as much as possible. I expect my mentor to expect a reasonable amount from me and to be available when needed for help or guidance on the project, so that I may, to the best of my ability, produce the best project and fulfill the needs of the organization as efficiently and fully as possible. I will maintain an open mind with my mentor and hope that they will do the same for me. I look forward to having a close relationship with my mentor so that we can both learn from each other and produce a brilliant project together that will affect the community.


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